Hog Farms

Commitment Past the Handshake...

Our Story

Here at ZHF, we raise purebred Berkshires, Chesters, Durocs, Hamps, Spots, Yorkshires, Polands, and quality Crossbreds. We sell showpigs, breeding stock- boars, bred gilts, and open gilts, and also have semen available on multiple boars on stock, purebred and crossbred. We gladly sell nationwide and will deliver independently or on route to the many national shows we compete at. We have sold quality swine to over 35 states, producing champions in over half of those, yet everyday we work harder to produce stock that is better than the last and will compete or generate pigs to compete at any level.

The Commitment

With generations of passion behind our family farm and genetics, we have put everything into what we do; raising quality stock that continues to generate. We focus all business with the mindset of service, putting our customers first and standing behind it. We prioritze breeding structurally sound stock that will continue to get better and better every day. We want to help our customers to the best of our ability and set them up for success in every way we can.

The Passion

We believe that showing livestock reaches past the backdrop. We know the commitment it takes. Many know time, effort, and  resources it takes, but we know its more than that. It's a family project.  It's the blood, sweat, and tears sacrificed behind the scenes that outsiders will never understand. Well, WE DO. We want to help you make it more than empty miles on the road and more of sharing family passion together..

We'd Love to Meet You...

We'd love the opportunity to talk to you to discuss your needs, answer any questions, or simply just talk about stock.

Zimmerman Hog Farms
22398 SW 75th Rd.
Beatrice, NE 68310

Brian- (402) 520-2725

Austin- (402) 239-2518