Zimmerman Hog Farms - Commitment Past The Handshake...
We have multiple boars on stud, including X-breds, Durocs, Hamps, Spots, and Yorkshires, some of which are pictured below. Please call today!
High Power
[Magnum x Super Good]
High Power continues to blow us away everyday! If you want wide, deep, and rugged he's got it. HP takes a long and athletic stride on a huge, and I mean huge, foot and bone. With a massive hip and explosive top, he'll truly embrace power into his offspring. The best way to describe his first litters is "Wow".
[XL x 106-2]
(Solid Gold x Solid Gold)
[Magnum x Super Good]
Pistol is truly square from the ground up.
from the great hip to being blown apart between his blades, Pistol is one the best structured you can find in a show package with a lot of muscle.
          Time Out
[On Time x Cobblestone]
Time Out is a really complete sire that
we use to make showpig females. He is
really long sided, but yet square from the
ground up, big footed, and heavy structured.
Works best to make purebred yorks or to cross
with sows that are shorter, deeper bodied.
  [Cold Blood x Big Pappy]
          (Not Pictured)
Cold Blood is a new addition to our york herd that we picked up at the
Indianna State Fair. We knew from the moment we saw him how much
potential he has to influence our herd. Good structure and heavy muscle
makes him a unique combination, but even more impressively, he
handles it well on the move, being one of the soundest we've seen.
[Full Shift x Pi R Squared]
Being square at every step, Overtime has truely impressed us with his first litters. He throws as much rib shape as we've seen from a duroc, along with great conformation, giving his offspring that great "showring"
                                                                                          look. Sired many Champions in his first                                                                                              season alone.
           Cherry Pie
[Buckcherry x Pi R Squared]
         Not pictured
                                                                                              STC Champion Littermate Duroc Boar
Cherry Pie is a littermate to our 2010
Summer Type Conference Champion.
He is extremely big boned, big ribbed,
big chested, and is very open at his
blades and follows this with an
expressive top out through a powerful
 hip. He will help blow apart and add
dimension to any sow. His first litters look
very promising!
Check out the video below!
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Zimmermans Duroc Boar
This boar is out of Buckcherry x Pi R Squared. He is extremely powerful at every step. His depth is carried out throughout and is square from front to back. He is as sound, heavy boned, level hipped, ...
Ripley's Believe it or Not
        a.k.a. Ripley's
[ S & L x Fully Loaded]
        Not Pictured
His name was easy to come by after watching him
develop. Performance should be his middle name
given he was 300 lbs at 150 days. Not only this but
he backs this up with a strong genetic background, where
his mother is the littermate to the grand champion spot
gilt at 2008 Fall Classic and dam of the $60,000 Off the Charts
boar. Ripleys is extremely big boned, square at every angle,
big ribbed, in a complete package.
   Common Sense
       [Stand Back]
        Not Pictured
Common Sense is truely a structural masterpiece. He's bold and
open through his blades, comes and goes in a square design,
while offering an expansive curvature from forerib to flank.
Besides having impecable structure, he still has powerful shape
through his top and hip. All things considered, makes
"Common Sense" to use as your next sire.
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